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At Carl Schurz Elementary School, we recognize that parental involvement is an important aspect of effective schooling. The school and the home cannot be looked at in isolation from one another. 

Families and schools need to collaborate to help children adjust to the responsibilities of being successful students. Research has shown that parental involvement contributes greatly to student achievement and conduct.

The staff at Carl Schurz Elementary School believes that we should help parents develop skills to meet the basic obligations of family life and foster conditions at home that emphasize the importance of education and learning.

Two-way communication about school programs and students’ progress is promoted due to the belief that education is a responsibility shared with parents. Parents are invited to actively participate in school decision-making through our Campus Improvement Committee and our monthly Parent Forum meetings.

Parents are also encouraged to develop their leadership skills in governance and advocacy by attending school board meetings and getting involved in the Parent Teacher Association (PTA).

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